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Surrogacy in Czech Republic

Surrogacy agency in Prague | OneSurrogacy

Surrogacy for Single Men and Gay couples

Whether you are a single man or part of a male couple, you can become parents legally thanks to surrogacy without leaving Europe.

There are countries in Europe like Ukraine where surrogacy is only allowed for heterosexual marriages, but fortunately its legislation does allow a Ukrainian woman to sign surrogacy contracts with individuals outside Ukraine.


The surrogacy process, step by step

IVF and embryo transfer in Cyprus

The Intended Parent will travel to Cyprus to contribute his genetic material. The embryo transfer to your surrogate mother will be performed also in Cyprus.

The Surrogate Mother will also travel to Cyprus to receive the embryo transfer, and will remain there until the pregnancy test and first ultrasound are performed.

Pregnancy in Ukraine

Pregnancy follow-up will be performed almost entirely in Ukraine. She will come monthly to one of our trusted clinics to ensure the smooth running of the pregnancy process.

Our agency will keep you fully informed throughout your surrogate’s pregnancy, including medical reports and ultrasounds.

In the seventh month of pregnancy your surrogate mother will travel to Prague to prepare for the birth.

Birth in Czech Republic

When your surrogate mother arrives in Prague she will be accommodated in a single apartment until the birth takes place and she has signed the necessary documents for the parents.

Our coordinator in Prague will accompany your surrogate mother to the medical consultations. Our agency will keep you fully informed by reporting medical reports and ultrasounds.

One week before the expected date of birth, your surrogate mother will be admitted and monitored at the maternity hospital.

The days before the expected date of birth, your surrogate mother will be admitted to the maternity hospital. It is at this time that the father or father must pack his bags to travel to Prague.

Our Programs

We have all-inclusive programs for single men and couples in the Czech Republic

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